Video Should Never Be Static!

Video has always been about sharing. With the social aspect of the Internet expanding at unprecedented rates, it’s interesting to consider that the way we have watched video hasn’t changed much since the first time motion was captured on film. You sit down, stare at a screen, and watch. ...

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Tagazu and Freeport Store Join Forces for New Consumer Experience

Recently Tagazu partnered with a Colombian Shoe company, Freeport Store. It sought Tagazu for a video advertisement so its clients could purchase shoes while watching the video. Freeport knew Tagazu would enhance its video engagement rates for both potential and existing customers. The tags allow Freeport to highlight products within the video and at the same time consumers save ti...

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4 Reasons Taylor Swift Just Changed the Game- Again

When an artist gets as big as Taylor Swift has gotten, it’s not unusual to see their name in the headlines. However, Swift is in the news this week for something other than her songs or affinity for cats. No, this week, Taylor Swift is in the news because she has succeeded where almost all else have failed. Read below to find out more!...

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Pros and Cons of Target’s Made for U

For a college student, a dorm room is more than just a room; it is a study space, hangout hub, lunch area, creative corner and much, much more. Having a dorm room perfectly suited for your needs can be the difference between an alright year and a stellar one. ...

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4 Ways Apps Change Your Life in Ways You Don’t even Notice

The fact that apps have become integral to the average American life is nothing new. That apps have begun to affect the structure of our society is. According to Benjamin Freed of The Washingtonian, apps like Amazon and Uber are changing the very makeup of DC, even becoming a deciding factor in where people choose to live and what kinds of housing get built. ...

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A Revolutionary Way to Interact with Video

Add clickable hotspots to moving and still objects in a video with our dynamic tagging platform

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Add any number of tags to a video - you can tag anything and everything

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