Pros and Cons of Target’s Made for U

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For a college student, a dorm room is more than just a room; it is a study space, hangout hub, lunch area, creative corner and much, much more. Having a dorm room perfectly suited for your needs can be the difference between an alright year and a stellar one.

That’s why we are fascinated by Target’s new dorm shopping platform ‘Made for U’. With this app, customers will be able to take a quiz and have the company search through their Facebook and Instagram photos in order to suggest the perfect dorm room accessories for them. Could we argue companies have too much access to our personal info? Maybe, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Instead, we’re here to discuss the pros and cons of doing all your college shopping through a platform like Made for U and to answer that age-old question: can an algorithm really pick the perfect bean bag chair to go with my favorite lamp?



  • All of the things the site suggests are super cute (if that’s your thing)

  • There’s no way for you and your roommate to both “accidentally” bring a mini-fridge

  • You get to avoid that awkward trip to the mall with your parents where it finally hits them you’re leaving home and they end up sobbing in the middle of Bath and Body Works

  • You have a chance to buy things you didn’t even realize you needed

  • It’s easier to coordinate color schemes with the roomie

  • You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring a trash can thanks to the handy checklist

  • You’ll have the most color coordinated room in the entire dorm



  • You might find yourself browsing the Target website for hours even though you only wanted to get a new pair of sheets

  • All of their options could clash with your favorite stuffed animal

  • You could miss out on the experience of going college shopping with Mom and Dad and getting their (almost) expert advice

  • You have a chance to buy things you realize you don’t need

  • All of your new roommates might be so jealous of your cool duds they immediately label you as a threat (Okay, this one might be a stretch, but you never know!)

  • You could find out an uncomfortable amount of information on which kinds of towels your roomie prefers

  • Your dorm could lack uniqueness if everyone else decorated using this service as well


After looking over both sides, we’ve concluded that there’s no real way to know if a service like Made for U is, well, made for you. Every student’s needs are different, and while one person might have an easier time picking all of their furniture online, another might need to walk into a physical store to get all of their interior needs sorted out.

Whether you choose to buy everything you need for the year through a service like Made for U or opt for a more traditional route, there is no denying that shopping for your college dorm is a rite of passage all college students must undertake at least once. The Tagazu staff would like to wish the best of luck to all the incoming students shopping for the first time and all the returning students going in for another round. May your all-nighters be few and the curve ever in your favor.

What was your first college dorm shopping experience like? Tell us in the comments below!
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