4 Reasons Taylor Swift Just Changed the Game- Again

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When an artist gets as big as Taylor Swift has gotten, it’s not unusual to see their name in the headlines. However, Swift is in the news this week for something other than her songs or affinity for cats. No, this week, Taylor Swift is in the news because she has succeeded where almost all else have failed. Read below to find out more!

  1. She took on The Biggest Tech Company in the World
        You don’t fight Apple. Let me repeat that: you don’t fight Apple. Apple could decide that up is now down and 2+2= Donut, and we’d all go along with it because Apple owns our souls and our wallets.
        But I guess nobody told Taylor Swift about Apple’s complete dominance of everyone and everything. In an open letter to the company posted on her Tumblr, Taylor Swift announced she’d be withholding her album ‘1989’ from Apple’s widely publicized streaming service because of a part of the deal that meant artists, writers, and producers wouldn’t be paid for songs being played in the service’s three-month-free  trial period.     
        Now admittedly, Taylor Swift is slightly more well-known than your average person. But even her going against the juggernaut that is Apple is a real David and Goliath situation which is why even attempting is such a big feat. Not only just that...

  2. ....and she WON!
        Less than 24 hours after her post went up, Apple responded in an equally polite manner to her requests. Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, tweeted, “We hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple.” The company has since announced they will pay royalties to all musicians and those involved in the songs even during the three- month trial period for the users.
        The music industry is well known for keeping an iron grip on its practices. There is very little in the world  that can change their minds when they’ve been made. Taylor Swift managed to do so in less than 500 words. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know the meaning of the word.

  3. She stayed true to her morals
        Had this post come out of nowhere, it might have been easy to write it off as some kind of publicity stunt. However, Swift already has a history of fighting for the rights of artists in the music industry. Just last fall she stirred controversy when she removed her music from wildly popular music streaming service Spotify, claiming that they underpaid their artists.
        It’s good to know Swift won’t compromise her morals just because the target is someone much bigger than Spotify. She is a good example of fighting or what you believe is right, even when the odds are stacked against your favor.

  4. She did it without malice
        Swift’s post, which has nearly 80 thousand notes at the time of this writing, is worded so nicely you’d think it was a neighbor asking another to stop mowing their lawn at night and not an internationally famed pop star going up against one of the most powerful companies in the world. In a world where celebrity feuds often turn ugly or end up as jokes for the morning DJs the next day, seeing a confrontation end so peacefully is refreshing.
        So remember, whatever hardships you may be facing this week, if Taylor Swift can make Apple change its way, you can certainly finish that project/write that email/ do the thing.

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