Tagazu and Freeport Store Join Forces for New Consumer Experience

00:00 11/30/-0001

Recently Tagazu partnered with a Colombian Shoe company, Freeport Store. It sought Tagazu for a video advertisement so its clients could purchase shoes while watching the video. Freeport knew Tagazu would enhance its video engagement rates for both potential and existing customers. The tags allow Freeport to highlight products within the video and at the same time consumers save time searching for shoes and reduce the number of clicks required to make a purchase.

Tagazu has a six-fold higher click-through rate than the average Google Adwords campaigns. Tags improve the buying process by making it more efficient and seamless for the consumer by reducing the number of clicks. With just one click they can either learn more or be brought to a purchasing page for their new Colombian shoes.


Link to the video: http://freeportstore.com/es/landing-page/la-vida-segun-freeman#la-vida-segun-freeman

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