About Tagazu

We are a group of dreamers and innovators united by curiosity and passion for motion media.


Just like us, you probably use online video for an endless variety of purposes. Tagazu aims to change the way we interact with video in every category: education, entertainment, e-commerce – the possibilities are limitless. Our revolutionary tagging platform is not only a way to satisfy intellectual curiosity; it is also a new way of linking content creators, companies, brands, and individuals.


Upload, tag, and watch videos by using our unique tagging solution software. Our platform allows you to upload any video with a youtube or vimeo link to further your interaction. You tag moving objects within a video and in turn offer others the opportunity to learn more about the contents of a video. 


As a viewer of tagged videos, clicking tagged hotspots will allow for you to view specific details about what was tagged. These can include descriptions and links to other websites, links to related videos, links to retail sites selling the object, or links for gathering more information.


Our platform is a place where a new type of community is forming – where people can share professional videos or videos just made for fun, all while using our dynamic tagging solutions to identify key information.

Try it for yourself! Tagazu is changing the way that we watch and interact with videos. Tame your wild curiosity!


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