How to Tag

  1. After uploading a video link from Youtube or Vimeo, add a new tag by clicking the “+ add tag” button (Keyboard Shortcut A)

  2. Drag tag square to starting position on screen

  3. Use “confirm” button to record starting position (Keyboard Shortcut C)

  4. Drag tag square as you go forward in the video to match the location of the tagged object. Use +/- 1 second buttons to better time your tag (Keyboard Shortcut -1 Second R; +1 Second F)

  5. Every time you move the tag square, use confirm tag to update and remember new position (Keyboard Shortcut C)

  6. When done mapping hotspot movement, click “end tag” button to finish and input tag information (Keyboard Shortcut E)

  7. In new popup window, input title, external link, upload an image, add description and all other relevant information

  8. Under “tags” box, use keywords to ID the object, separating each keyword by commas

  9. Add more tags to video if desired

  10. Finish video and click PUBLISH to share your creation with the world!


If you are still having trouble, make sure you have read the instructions and practiced all the steps. And remember, practice makes perfect! If you get really stuck, please fill out the help form, which is accessible at the bottom of this page.

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