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"Tagazu platform is disrupting the way production companies have done business for years. Tagazu’s competitive advantage is not only to offer affordable service but also to allow content creators to tag videos themselves with extremely easy to use and intuitive set of tools."

"Tagazu platform unlike other similar solutions is extremely easy to use. They are the only platform in the market that offers DIY tagging tools to follow moving object or person within a video. This solution works flawlessly and the whole process is super intuitive and extremely affordable. Movable Tagazu is fully customizable, ranging from numerous color options, application icons and even special animated characters."

How This Bulgarian TV Star Became a DC Startup FounderDCInno

"The tags even follow the object around as it moves around the screen. It's a way for companies to leverage the growing amount of time they spend watching videos while ideally not annoying people watching the videos the way that pop-up ads or commercials before and after a video might. The edited videos can then be shared via social media or embedded directly into websites."

Easily Add Interactivity To Videos With TagazuEli The Computer Guy

"Tagazu now gives you an interactive dimension to your videos, and best of all you can overlay this functionality on videos that have already been created.  You can add notes and links at specific points in the video to highlight or give explanations that deepen the experience for the viewer."

"The main problem when creating educational videos is that you have to provide enough information so slow learners can keep up, but not drag on so long the fast learners get bored and leave. This gives you the ability to add additional information, without bogging down your video.Additionally if you are creating lifestyle videos this is an easy way to add sponsorship spots, or “buy now” options on your videos. When there is a shot of a woman in a cute dress you can have a link that takes the viewer to the web page where they can buy that dress."

Adding Interactivity To Video TechnologyTechStory

"Interactive video platform is ultimately an answer to our quest, it lets you tag moving or still objects in a video so that no important detail goes unnoticed. Tagged objects become interactive hotspots that carry accurate and necessary information. Internet finally penetrated video itself and we now are free to create and explore new generation of videos and revitalize the existing ones."

A Revolutionary Way to Interact with Video

Add clickable hotspots to moving and still objects in a video with our dynamic tagging platform

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